The More You Think of Something – The More Likely It Will Happen

When it comes to manifestation, it is important to stay focused on your desires and goals because without a doubt–the more you think about something, the higher chance it has of coming into fruition. The reason being as I say time and time again is that our thoughts become things. That is also why there is the expression, “out of sight, out of mind” which is often very true. When you do not think about something all too often, the less likely it will happen because it is not in the forefront of your mind. That is why it is crucial to keep your desires and goals on your mind on a daily basis. The more you think about something, this also deepens the depth of your desires to the point where you want them even more meaning that you will be more motivated to take action and figure out how to make these things all happen. While I believe that The Universe is abundant and giving, that does not mean that it grants people’s wishes simply by thinking about them! It takes MORE than just thinking about them but at least if you keep your desires and goals within your dominant thoughts, you are on the right path of manifestation.

Where people tend to go wrong with this step is that often people have inner setbacks, fears, insecurities, and/or negative thoughts which prevent the manifestation process from ever reaching the desired outcome. One might have the idea, “I really want to lose 10 lbs” followed by the thought, “I’ll never be as skinny as I was 10 years ago.” The problem with this thought process is that while the desire is there–it is backed up with a NEGATIVE and definitive statement which is already stating that this goal is not attainable. Our perception becomes our reality which is why it is essential to work on creating a positive perception. If people replaced their negativity with positivity, they would magnetize and attract even more positive things in life–sometimes without even asking for them!

The next time you set a goal, aside from thinking about it often, do not forget to think about it being ACHIEVABLE and within your reach! In your mind, shift your mindset that everything is in your possession and think about all the positive feelings associated with these achievements.

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