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People Who Are Connected to the Universe Believe in These 3 Principles

I can tell a lot about someone based on how they talk about their lives and specifically how spiritually connected they are to the Universe. On the surface, there are some people who come off as extremely lucky. It is not that these people are more lucky than someone else, they are just more spiritually connected to the Universe. They believe in certain principles that bring them everything that they want. I guess you can say they create their own luck but I believe it goes beyond that. Their luck stems from the depth of their spirituality paired with a strong, positive mindset, not so much at random or by coincidence despite it appearing that way. It is never too late to become more spiritual so even if you don’t believe in these things at the present moment, you can start to adapt them at any time.

Trust the Process / Everything is in its Right Place – People who are deeply connected to the Universe are always under the understanding that everything is in its right place in their current place of time. In other words, what is meant to be will be. Even during unfortunate times, they recognize that they need to experience that in order to get to the greater good. They don’t hold regrets about anything they experience in their lives because it shapes their inner being and they know everything that happens has a purpose–both the good and the bad.

The Universe is Full of Abundance – The Universe has endless opportunities and provides abundance for everyone who believes in this principle. This is why people who are spiritually connected to the Universe are never bent regarding a lost job or a failed relationship along with anything they no longer have or have just yet. They know that opportunities will come and go but that there are many to go around. There is no reason to be jealous of someone else’s abundance because there are unlimited opportunities for everyone. Rather than feeling sorry for themselves for not having something that someone else has, they congratulate them and know that they will get everything that they want as well because the Universe is the gift that keeps on giving.

Be Grateful For Everything You Currently Have While Always Striving for More – People who are connected to the Universe are some of the most grateful individuals you will ever meet in this world. Even if they do not have much, they are still grateful for the little things they do have. They never focus on the things they lack but invest their energy on all the things they are grateful for having which attracts more abundance into their lives. Even those who have obtained a lot do not take it for granted and are thankful to the Universe for providing them everything that they want. They also deeply believe in this: Everything they want is on its way. 😉 It doesn’t have to be tomorrow, they know all good things are worth waiting for and it goes back to the first principle, they trust the process in which they are in the process of receiving their deepest desires.

The Mind of an Artist – 3 Affirmations That Will Uplift Your Life

Many people often times underestimate the power of affirmations but I truly believe that they are effective in maintaining a positive state of mind while also keeping you happy on a deep spiritual level. As an artist, it comes natural for me to think of these affirmations but they can still apply to you no matter what you do for a living or pursue in life.

I create everything I desire. – For me personally, I rely on creating whether I am doing makeup professionally or even as I am writing this post. Aside from that, the bigger things in life, I know I have the capacity to also create those things because I truly believe everything I want in life will manifest through the state of creation.

I am my own work of art. – This can be interpreted in many ways. It means that on the inside, I am my own unique person with many gifts to offer to the world. From the outside, I look at my actual image and appearance as a work of art with the mindset that I am an object of desire.

My life is a masterpiece. – In order to live my life this way, it again all goes back to creation along with visualization. I visualize specific things that I want and take the action steps needed to create it. Everyone’s vision for one’s life is going to vary but taking the time visualize it is the first step followed by focusing on this vision and ‘painting it’ which will often require time and patience. No masterpiece is painted overnight and your life is created from each day and moment in time.

As a reminder, you do not have to be an artist to start applying these affirmations towards your life–remember that anyone can do it, it just starts with your mind first. 😉

5 Insightful Quotes to Live by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court Justice and women’s right activist known as the “Notorious RBG,” I thought it would be best to share some of her famous quotes which capture the essence of who she was along with ones I believe can add value to people’s lives including my own.

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.”

“Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade.”

“You can’t have it all, all at once. Who—man or woman—has it all, all at once? Over my lifespan I think I have had it all. But in different periods of time things were rough. And if you have a caring life partner, you help the other person when that person needs it.”

“If you are going to be a lawyer and just practice your profession, you have a skill—very much like a plumber. But if you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself… something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you.”

Stuck in the Past? – A Guide to Detaching and Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize (Your Future)

Many people get caught up in their past, whether it be what they miss most or ways their life could have played out differently. Although I am all about reminiscing about the good times and revisiting memories, there comes a time you need to refocus on your current reality: The present moment and planning for your future. The past can shape your life’s path but do not let it control your mind or stop you from progressing forward. Remember, it is in the past for a reason! That ship has sailed away and is ready for the next destination! 😉

So how do you let go of the past? What are healthy ways to detach and keep things moving in the right direction?

Create a Bucket List – If you do not have one already or you have some in your mind, actually take the time to write down what you want to accomplish, places you want to go, experiences you have yet to experience, and/or whatever it is that you want to do! Some you might be able to obtain more easily while others could take many years but the value behind this is giving yourself something to look forward to for your future! It is exciting to think about and knowing you are currently on the journey to manifesting all these great things.

Focus on Self Improvement – I think that working on ourselves is a mission we should carry out throughout our lifetimes. As we age, we might physically and mentally feel like our youth is slipping away but this does not mean that our lives have to be going downhill, heck it should be getting better. We need to find ways to make improvements and upgrades in our lives by setting higher bars and goals to achieve. There might be instances where we face bad times or unfortunate life circumstances but we have to stay committed to getting things back on on track and making gradual improvements.

Take the Time to Reflect – Everything in life happens for a reason. It could have been for the greater good of tomorrow and/or to serve as a life’s lesson. The past cannot be erased and I would never encourage someone to erase it from their minds in its entirety or to suppress the emotions attached to your past but to take the time to reflect on these thoughts and feelings. You can reflect by asking yourself these questions: What did you learn from this past experience? How can you become a better person from it? You can answer these questions by talking to someone you trust who will genuinely listen to you or maybe self reflect by writing in a journal. I think it is healthy to reflect on the past individually or even with others but to then leave it where it belongs–in the past. This takes mental effort and patience but by practicing mindfulness, it is quite achievable.

I want to end by saying, “The best is yet to come.” Frank Sinatra might have sang about it but there is much truth to this if you choose to actually believe in it. There are many things you can look forward to but it all starts with you. The greatest thing you can do as I stated in the title is to keep your eye on the prize which is your future. Take the necessary planning steps needed and get excited for what is in store for you to the point where you are not even thinking about your past anymore. (Out of sight, out of mind right?)

Denzel Washington Said it Best – “Fall Forward”

I came across this video randomly on YouTube about a month ago and thought it was worth sharing. It was from a commencement speech Denzel Washington gave back in 2011. It is incredibly inspiring and he made many valid points that I agree with one hundred percent.

My favorite line from his speech is this: “If you don’t fail, you are not even trying.” I plan to elaborate in a future post on this idea but basically you need to embrace failing and step out of your comfort zone if you ever want to achieve greatness.

Please take the time to watch this, you will not regret it! It will give you a motivational boost without a doubt. It gives me chills listening to it, especially when listening to the part when he talks about an older woman who approached him at his mother’s beauty shop with a spiritual prophecy. (You got to listen to the video now to find out what she said and how it manifested and came true for Denzel Washington).

“If I’m going to fall, I don’t want to fall back on anything, I want to fall forward.”
– Denzel Washington

Authenticity is More Valuable Than Perfection

I am sure you can recall a time in your life where striving for perfection was your ultimate goal. It can be in school where you were studying to get a perfect grade on an exam or any type of game where you were trying to get a perfect score. I will never say that you should abandon these goals or that it is a waste of energy to want to put in the effort to obtain perfection; however, I think that authenticity holds more value and should be the greater goal in life. By being authentic, that means you have the capacity to acknowledge your strengths but also acknowledge your weaknesses. We as people are simply NOT going to be perfect at everything we pursue or try out so rather than stressing ourselves to be perfect at most things or at all times, we just need to fully accept ourselves for what we do have to offer in this world (and trust me, everybody has something positive to offer 😉 ).

I not only believe that people are more drawn to authentic people but that having authenticity will lead to greater success in life because there is a higher focus on what makes you who you are while also adding dimension to your personality which definitely makes you more attractive both on a professional and personal level.

Looking at the life I created for myself, I will have to admit that there have been many instances in which I wanted to be perfect at something but at the end of the day, being authentic was really more of an overpowering force that lead me to make the right life decisions rather than chasing an unrealistic expectation. Rewinding back to my days at college, going to college was not only an opportunity for me to find myself as it is for most young adults but it gave me the reality check I needed: I did not belong in college. Now I know you might be thinking, “Well you still graduated with a degree, right?” The answer might be yes but going to college made me realize I was not built for it. I could study for hours for an exam and still not receive an A. I could put my absolute best effort and still fall short. I was forced to take all these courses unrelated to my major that I could care less about. Often times I question how I even got through college but the simple answer to this is this: Free Electives. Every free elective I possibly had the opportunity to take a subject of my own free choice, I opted for an Art class. I almost picked it up as a minor but figured Sociology as a minor paired up rather nicely with Psychology. It was not until college that I learned very quickly that my strength was NOT studying and cramming information that I could barely store for a single exam but that my true strength was my ability to create and thrive in an atmosphere where I could be in a constant state of creation. Even though I was content with my final choice of Psychology as my major (I entered my freshman year undeclared but knew it was going to be Psychology or Secondary Education), I remember midway through my Sophomore year of college making the firm decision that graduate school was just not in the cards for me. Coming from a family where education was prized and my parents set the bar that graduate school was the bare minimum, I thought I would take the same road as them and continue my studies after being an undergraduate. At that time, I did not know what my future was going to hold upon graduation if I was not going to continue school until the day before my senior year of college I made a bold decision to check out a makeup artistry school in NYC by myself. I always liked the idea of being a makeup artist but never really thought I would take the time to examine this as a career option. Stepping foot into the makeup school was all the assurance I needed to know that this was not only going to be my destiny but that it would also allow for me to be my authentic self even if that meant it was not the most socially acceptable choice. I could have settled for the “safer” path of continuing my academic studies and trying to strive for a perfection (while stressing myself in the process) that just never would have existed. I chose to be authentic which I personally find to be more valuable of an asset and one that I encourage other people to choose to be. As a result, it lead me to a successful career that I genuinely love now as much as I did as I was learning my craft and most importantly, I fully accept myself. I recognize what I am good at while also knowing what did not work for me and there is nothing wrong with that. Again, we cannot be perfect at everything but we surely can be as authentic as possible! 🙂

Begin a Blog Basics – Why Create a Blog and How to Get Started

Since the launch of this website, I have had a few people approach me on the subject of starting a blog and what are the necessary steps in creating one. Although this particular blog is new, I have blogged throughout the years in which I am comfortable giving myself the title of a “blogger” with enough experience to give some general advice and tips on how to design your very own blog website for the first time.

For starters, why even write a blog to begin with? I am the biggest advocate that just about everyone should create a blog and that everyone is fully capable in doing so. There are countless reasons to blog! You can write about a specific hobby that you are most passionate about because chances are, there are people out there like yourself with the same hobby and who want to read about it. You can write about your day-to-day life and think of it as a digital diary. If you want to take the more professional route, I think that is especially wonderful because you can utilize a blog as an outlet to write about your expertise on your profession–no matter what you do for a living. This allows you to educate your prospective clients while also building a reputation as an authority within your field. There is always a purpose behind blogging whether it is on a personal level or a professional one. Whatever it is that most interests you and that you feel you have a strong voice or mastery of, then I say with 100% certainty, go for it.

Now that we have established that you are ready to move forward and create one, the main question is how?

Brainstorm Ideas and Determine the Main Purpose of Your Blog – This can take some time but the planning part is a beneficial preliminary step before you can actually move on to the actual design and writing process. It is important to think about what you want to write about, who your main audience will be, and what is your specific niche and/or theme behind your blog.

Think of a Domain Name – The domain name is the name of your actual website and what will become your web address. This step is one of the most important steps and one that you should really think about long and hard. Once you choose a domain name that best represents your subject matter, brand, and/or what it is you are looking to promote or represent, it will pretty much be your domain name for life. It is possible to come up with more than one domain name that can directly go to one main website but you do want to think of at least one really good one that is in direct relation to your content and essentially the title of your website.

The trickiest thing about this step is that most likely you will find that almost every domain that you initially come up with is already taken and belongs to another person or business. I would say that any one word domain name is probably off the market so you will definitely have to think of something that has a minimum of two words. Many bloggers often times like to use their first and last names to name their website which for many works out unless their name is a very popular one.

[For me personally, it took me weeks to come up with the name of this website. There was never a shortage of ideas but I found many were already taken or the name did not fully represent the main theme behind the blog. I wrote lists of words and tried pairing them up but nothing was clicking enough to my liking. One day, I thought of “” and saw no one had a website with that name but it turned out that someone purchased the domain name and when I asked the domain title company what the quote was to purchase it, they got back to me that the owner was looking to sell it for $3400 but was open to negotiations. Needless to say, that was a huge ‘no thank you’ so after further thinking along the lines of this original name, maybe 24 hours later, I came up with the title phrase, “Make Up the Life You Love.” Although it was a much longer title than I anticipated, I thought this was creative enough to capture the essence of what I was all about and knew there was no way that anyone else would have it].

Create a WordPress Account – I would normally say, do your research and choose a blogging platform to start up your blog but I am going to save you that step altogether and just tell you to go with WordPress. WordPress is by far the best out there technologically speaking and for many years has been classified as the most popular blog software. [There is actually both a and I personally have always used the .com version although I have read that there are many benefits of using the .org. That is something you might want to take further investigate on your own time but I can tell you from all my years of using, I have always been pretty happy with the outcome. Aside from using it to create a blog, I designed both my actual professional makeup artist websites using WordPress].

Once you create an account, this is where you will register your domain name in which WordPress will allow you to register with them directly unless you have already purchased your domain name elsewhere and you can then link it to WordPress. You will also be expected to choose which membership you want. You have the option to start one totally free but I would recommend purchasing an actual monthly plan (when you pay for it, a one time yearly fee is charged on the spot and it renews each year) because you are given more options and design tools. I have always chosen the Premium plan and find that this is just enough to suit my basic blogging needs.

Design Your Website – Depending on how creative and/or tech savvy you are, this can either be the most fun part or the most arduous step for you–or perhaps a little combination of both. Honestly, this is definitely the most tedious part of the whole blog project. Not only do you have to create the design pretty much from scratch, you also need to come up with some general content (such as your biography if you choose to write one or whatever sections that will be the main components of your blog other than your actual daily posts). The good news is that with WordPress, it is fairly user friendly with plenty of templates to choose from so you are not required to have to know any major coding although any little bit you do know will be helpful in making the design process a smooth one. There are many design tools along with online resources and live support to help you get to your final design.

Write and Post Some Articles – This part is really up to you in terms of how much content you want to initially present on your blog before having the website go up live (FYI, while you are working on the design, you can do so privately so it is not up publicly on the internet upon creating a WordPress account meaning that only you can view it until you launch it publicly). Personally, I wanted to post a month’s worth of content before I posted it live just so that readers had a little bit of content they could read first to get a general sense of the material and get acquainted with myself as the author.

Launch Your Blog on the Internet – Once you go through my checklist of the steps above of what is needed to create your blog along with writing some initial posts, it is time to launch your blog website publicly for the world to see. Now that it is up, you can start by sharing it with friends/family and depending on how much traffic you want to generate, you can begin to market your blog to build your audience. This can be done by signing up for a separate social media account that you can link to your blog and every time you write a post, you can create a social media post that directs people to go to your blog to read it.

Congratulations! If you have made it to the final step, then it is official, you are a blogger now! 🙂 Keep in mind that blogging is a writing commitment that takes time, dedication, and consistency. It requires hard work but at the same time it is enjoyable and incredibly rewarding on so many levels.

My Earliest Stages as a Writer and The Purpose of This Blog

When thinking about an introduction post to kick off the launch of my new writing project and self help blog, I thought it would be beneficial for my readers to learn a little bit more about my writing background and purpose behind, Make Up the Life You Love.

For me personally, writing is a form of creation and a means of self expression. I have always gravitated towards the art of writing because it allows me to capture my inner most thoughts and feelings. Writing is also a very powerful tool as a way to communicate with others, especially in today’s modern world where people communicate mostly via emails and texts.

As a child, my earliest memories of writing and putting it into practice outside the typical school setting was through my hobby of writing to pen pals from all over the world. This was during a time that the internet did not exist yet (hard to believe, I know), so I was hand writing letters to my pen pals. Another writing related hobby from my childhood and a rather unique one at that was creating magazines for my best friend. Yes, she was my one and only subscriber as we both created our own personalized magazines just for each other. We would design the coolest looking magazines and write the funniest content.

As a youngster, I started to keep a personal journal/diary and had one from as early as 5th grade. I was not consistently writing back then but by the time I reached high school, I decided to keep a journal of my entire high school experience which I took the time to update a few times a week. By the time I graduated, I had completed five full journals.

Throughout my entire lifetime, I have fallen in and out of writing a personal journal but have made it a permanent practice since 2014. I decided I wanted to get into the habit of keeping one because I like reflecting on what is going on in my life and capturing what is happening at that present moment. It is kind of like when you take a photograph, you are capturing that moment in time and writing a journal entry is another form of capturing time but in a more thought provoking kind of way.

By the time I went to college, I started my very first blog. It is actually still publicly on the internet, I remember the links and go back to it from time to time if I want to read about what my life was like back then. I started a blog because my high school friends and I all decided that we should keep a blog to write about what our lives were like in college in case we were too busy and didn’t have a chance to keep in touch as often. It was a way for all of us to stay connected since we couldn’t see each other and for us to read about how college life was treating us. As the years went by, we all slowly started to detach from our blogs but I saw the value of this writing experience as it allowed me to share my life in a public and digital platform which I had never done before.

In school, English (better known as Language Arts today) and Math were always my best subjects. This might be surprising as they seem like opposites but I look at them both as fundamental subject matters, essentially life skills so this is why I view them as being quite similar. I was never really into reading but enjoyed English because it gave me the opportunity to write. I will never forget any of my English teachers from high school (Mrs. Heuner, Ms. McCarroll, Ms. Miers, and Mr. Van Antwerp) who all had a positive impact on me at that age to continue my affinity for writing.

My parents both shaped me to become a stronger writer as this was a skill they both equally valued. Oddly enough, they were not the type of parents to care too much about my report cards or the grades I received from school. They knew I always put my best effort and was overall a good student. However, when it came to writing an essay, they were all over it. My dad has reminded me that there was at least one time he can remember editing an essay and it was not up to his standard so he had me completely start over. He says to this day, he will never forget the transformation from the before to the after. He was simply amazed how I had the capacity to turn something that he thought was awful into something extraordinary. I can vividly remember how both my parents would edit my work so meticulously which forced me to have to become a fairly decent writer. I am incredibly thankful to have parents who provided that educational support at home and cared that much to invest their time in helping me sharpen my writing skills.

So where does that bring us today? I created, Make Up the Life You Love because through my writing, I want to inspire others to live better lives and deliver content that can emotionally save your soul. In more simpler terms, I want to help and connect with people. I know that this is one of my many purposes in this lifetime and I want to thank you for giving me that opportunity and thank you for being here. Whether you take the time to read a single post, become a loyal follower, or find a way to connect with me (don’t be shy), just know that you are very much appreciated and you are welcome at any time. 🙂