The start of my professional life began after I graduated from college with a Psychology degree and gravitated towards a more creative path in life. Instead of continuing my academic studies and enrolling into graduate school, I decided to attend makeup school and become a makeup artist. This was the best life decision I could ever make for myself and to this day, I am still dedicated to my craft and devoted to making people look and feel their most beautiful selves.

In the year 2020 and the start of the new decade, I wanted to pursue my love for writing and take it a step further with the creation of this blog website: Make Up the Life You Love. The inspiration behind the name came from my love for makeup and wanting to find a unique way to incorporate that into the name while capturing the essence of its purpose. The main focus is to enrich people’s lives by helping others to elevate their current life–whether it be by improving their relationships with both self and others or developing a more positive mindset that will ultimately attract what you want most in this lifetime. It is my personal goal to impact others through my writing and offer self- help services to inspire everyone to “make up the life you love.”