Is It Okay to Ask Your Partner to Live a Healthier Lifestyle or to Better Manage Their Weight?

Not everyone has high health standards and the way in which one chooses to live life can be radically different from individual to individual. It is quite common to see two people in a relationship that might have the intention to stay healthy and fit but over time, one or both might start to let themselves go due to lack of motivation, a busy work schedule, stress, or simply just out of the comfort of being in a steady relationship. Whatever the reason may be, you have to remember that it is really up to the other individual to want to stay healthy more so than what their partner says. So keep in mind, even if you want a loved one to change, if the other person is content with their current health habits or lack there of, there never will be a change. So knowing this, is it worth asking your partner to live a healthier lifestyle or to do something about their weight?

I think the subject of weight in general is an extremely touchy subject. People tend to be concerned with either being too overweight or being too underweight. While most are probably more concerned if their partner gains excessive weight, there is also the opposite spectrum where someone is losing too much weight such as an eating disorder which is just as detrimental as being overweight. The best thing to do is to positively encourage your partner to make better health choices. If you approach your partner in a loving and supportive way, then there is a much higher chance that the person will at least be receptive to making a change. If you were to attack your partner and tell them that they have a weight problem, this is not going to be very successful because putting anyone down in a negative tone is not really going to accomplish anything and could also potentially cause a rift on your overall relationship. In addition, it is going to make the person feel worse about themselves and this might have the opposite effect where they feel hopeless and the problem gets even worse.

Besides providing support to your partner, another good way to gently encourage your partner to make healthier choices is to lead by example. If you can demonstrate that you are conscientious about your diet and exercise habits, then this gives the other person the opportunity to follow your lead. If you can also make being healthy and fit a priority to focus on together, then this also makes it easier for the other person to adapt. This can mean food shopping together and cooking nutritious meals together. Another idea is to schedule working out on the same days so that you can create quality time together while being fit at the same time.

At the end of the day, people are going to make their own personal choices in life and this applies to diet and exercise as well. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but it is up to the horse to want to drink it. If you are going to go out of your way to try to get your partner to adjust their health habits or to make any positive change, remember that a loving and supportive approach is the way to go.

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