Daily Archives: February 15, 2023

Money Doesn’t Buy Love and Here’s Why

People have the misconception that money buys love. In certain scenarios, maybe it does but over time, it is human nature for people to take that for granted meaning that if there is not a genuine love there, the money in itself cannot sustain the relationship in the long run. That is why it is important to not revolve your dating decisions strictly around money. Yes, it is nice to show your generosity by spending money on your significant other but there are plenty of other gestures that can show that you love the person. No one should ever feel obligated to buy their partner extravagant gifts and treat them to fancy experiences all the time in order to keep this person in their life. Unfortunately, there are many users out there who will stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons and take advantage of someone who spends a lot of money on them. Some people will proactively only date people who are very wealthy or who spoil them with lavish gifts. The question is, would the person still have an interest in this same person if they didn’t have as much money and/or did not spend it on them? If the answer is no, then it goes to show that money does not buy love.

Dating someone for their wealth is a superficial reason to stay with someone. If you genuinely connect with the person and they happen to have money, that is okay but do not ever let that be the driving factor as to why you choose to date someone. Remember that money comes and goes so while some might have a lot of money today, that does not always guarantee that they will have a substantial amount in their future. Also keep in mind that some people might not be at the financial peak of their lives at the time that you meet them so it is not fair to judge this person when this could change over time.

If people took the time to build their own individual wealth and created a successful financial path for themselves, then there would be no need to rely on a partner for their financial resources. This should be the ultimate goal so that one can be financially independent with or without a partner and when the time comes to build a serious long term relationship, you have something to bring to the table as opposed to relying on the other person to have to provide everything financially. A healthy partnership should be a good balance of give and take. It should not be a one sided relationship as that can deteriorate more easily over time.