J.Lo – “I’m Just Getting Started” – Why Aging Should Never Be an Excuse or Setback

Last week at the IHeartRadio Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez was awarded the 2022 Icon Award at the age of 52 years old. As she graciously accepted the award, she stated, “Let me tell you something else, I’m just getting started.” While many won’t have a career as remarkable as J.Lo, that is not the point. It is her mindset that is the takeaway and something that anyone can adapt besides her. She essentially is saying that this is only the beginning of many more achievements and things are going to keep getting better–(aka an abundance mindset). It is clear that she does not view age as a setback and embraces it knowing that she has even more to accomplish. This is not only a positive outlook to have but also an empowering way to look at life.

Many seem to associate aging or getting older as a bad thing and that age dictates our lives in a very negative way. Why does it have to be that way though? Even if that is what someone else might think or what society might portray, who says that you have to think that way? People too often use aging as an excuse as to why they let themselves go or that their social lives are not as exciting as in their youth or that things essentially go downhill over time. Again, it does not have to be this way unless you choose for it to be this way. If anything, I think that people need to possess the opposite mindset. With age, there are many spiritual gifts added to enhance your life including more life experiences, success, wealth, happiness, security, and much more. Age might bring upon more responsibilities such as raising a family or added job roles within a career; however, this can be expected and it is always better to be progressing in life than staying stagnate where there is little to no change.

Each year of life is a blessing and should be seen as an opportunity to expand life and make it an amazing one. People should not be stating that they are “too old” to do anything or whenever a birthday passes by. It is also important to keep in mind that age is just a number and certain life experiences and milestones that you are striving for might come sooner than expected or perhaps arrive later in life which is okay because everybody’s life path is different. Don’t ever let age be seen as a setback or used as an excuse as to why your life is not a spectacular one. Getting older should never serve as a roadblock against success, love, or happiness. As far as I am concerned, life should only get better with age and it is apparent that J.Lo feels the same way! 😉

2 thoughts on “J.Lo – “I’m Just Getting Started” – Why Aging Should Never Be an Excuse or Setback

  1. Jas krish

    Very well.expressed Meli👌👌Yes, ageing cannot be a setback…every passing year adds so.much to life ..gives new meaning to it and as you age you have so much to share with others.🙏🙏
    God bless you

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